With the help of Psychometric, Cognitive and Cultural Fit Profiling, you can be confident of selecting the Candidate which not only has the right skills for the job, but fits in with your team and can be managed effectively.

Are you looking for a new employee? 
I know from firsthand experience how stressful and complicated the whole recruitment, selection and onboarding processes can be. 

Below you can have the Induction Checklist to help you ensure your new employee is properly inducted into their new role. This will  help set them up for success in your business so that you begin your new relationship with them in the best possible way.

To try something new and then to find out
the difference it makes to your business and culture  is a good thing!

I know with most businesses like yours it’s far too an important decision to outsource to another company and it’s best if it can be handled internally.
However, I believe I may be able to offer you some assistance in helping you select the perfect candidate for your role.

A while back, two local businesses decided they needed a new staff member to fit into their team.
For each of these businesses it was a big decision, and one they were determined to recruit themselves without using expensive agencies - because they wanted to get it right.
So they set off on their hunt for a new team member, listing their position on Seek and other job boards, and sat back and waited for applications.
After a week, they started the screening and interviewing process before settling on who they thought would be the perfect fit for their growing business.

  One of these hires would soon become an invaluable asset.

The other left a sour taste, caused major frustration and stress and became an expensive nightmare for everyone involved. They were eventually let go after months of disruptions, distractions and disappointments.

So why then did one of them turn into a nightmare for one business whilst the other a dream come true?

Both businesses followed the same recruitment process except for one small but significant difference.
One business relied on gut instincts whilst the other used Omnia’s Job Fit Profiling to uncover what the candidates were really like beneath the tip of the “interview” iceberg.
Although both candidates could perform the tasks required, Omnia’s Job Fit Profiling revealed the personality and leadership traits which made the nightmare employee impossible to manage. This helped avoided a costly hiring mistake. 

  90% of staff who leave an organisation within the first 18 Months do so because of Poor Fit.

A ‘Bad Hire’ left to fester will spread their cancerous attitudes throughout your entire business, affecting the productivity of everyone else.

When you consider the unnecessary expense, lost productivity, and additional strain on other employees and management, a bad hire can cost you up to FOUR TIMES THEIR ANNUAL SALARY.

As business owners, we must rely on our instincts often. After all it’s this bold decision making which defines the entrepreneurial way, right?
But when the stakes are as high as selecting the right employee to help grow your business, wouldn’t you like a second, objective analysis of your candidates?
No one wants to hire the wrong person…but almost half of new hires leave within the first 18 months.